10 Unmissable Upcoming Events in Miami, FL, for 2023

9 Unmissable Upcoming Events in Miami, FL, for 2023

Some of your best experiences will take place in Miami, Florida. For 2023, resolve to explore some of the most significant events in Miami. 

You can never have too many adventures or make too many memories. Music and art live around every corner, just waiting for you to experience them. In South Florida, the party never seems to end. At Miami’s finest black car service, we created a list of upcoming events you can’t miss.

#1 South Beach Jazz Festival

Few special events offer a better way to welcome the New Year. From January 5th through 8th, the South Beach Jazz Festival pumps various subgenres of jazz music throughout multiple venues in Miami Beach. Additionally, Power Access produces this music festival and spotlights musicians with disabilities. Discover your next jazz obsession at the South Beach Jazz Festival.

#2 Art Deco Weekend

There’s no better time to celebrate the Roaring 20s than in 2023. Art Deco Weekend takes place from January 13th through 15th. Lose yourself in a celebration of rich architecture and aesthetics inspired by the 1920s. This incredible event allows you to experience Miami’s Art Deco Historic District in an immersive way.

#3 Gay8 Festival

On February 19th, one of the most iconic street festivals takes place. In this Hispanic festival, you’ll celebrate art and music created by people within the LGBTQ community. You’ll also enjoy live music, street food, and a variety of vendors. Don’t pass by one of the biggest diversity festivals in the United States.

#4 Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival

If you consider yourself a foodie, clear your calendar for this major event from February 23rd through 26th. For four days, you’ll savor the flavors provided by local eateries and globally renowned chefs. You might even have the opportunity to brush shoulders with your favorite cooking personalities. From gourmet dishes to traditional local eats, you’ll taste the world at this annual food festival.

#5 Miami Film Festival

If you crave a cinematic experience, attend the Miami Film Festival from March 3rd through 12th. You’ll view the artistry of up-and-coming directors and well-known names in the same auditorium. You can even catch some live theatrical performances during your experience. Rediscover the silver screen’s undeniable magic at one of the most expansive film festivals.

#6 Ultra Music Festival

Despite being one of the biggest events in Miami, the Ultra Music Festival has humble roots. Two decades ago, it was a tiny beach concert. From March 24th through 26th, it will feature famous DJs and renowned producers. You might also hear previously unreleased tracks from prominent artists performing them for the first time. The Ultra Music Festival provides a shimmering, surreal atmosphere for music lovers.

#7 Miami City Ballet Presents West Side Story

On April 15th, the Miami City Ballet combines classic ballet dances with a contemporary musical classic. Watch this outstanding performance of West Side Story as presented by the Miami City Ballet. Hosted at the Ziff Opera House, this event will surely provide a timeless experience for everyone in attendance.

#8 Miami International Piano Festival

On May 21st, classical pianist Julien Libeer takes the stage at the Miami International Piano Festival. This event is a must if you have a taste for classical music. Selections by Bach and Schubert will sharpen your desire for the finer things in life. Enjoy Libeer’s talent infused into an artful classical music selection.

#9 Miami Fashion Week

Nothing shows how glamorous or on-trend you are like attending a fashion week. From May 28th through June 2nd, a lineup of globally known fashion labels will provide a peek into the hottest new fashions. Discover high-fashion styles to purchase and model throughout the year. Make 2023 the year you showcase your inspired sophistication.

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